Our Products

Our meats represent the best we can provide, and what we hope is the best you can find in wholesome food that nourishes the body and land. 

My husband and I loved your brats, they are amazing!! I will certainly be a returning customer.
— Rachelle

Natural Fibers

Our Icelandic sheep produce a luscious, long, multicolored fiber.  We have it carded by Jordan's parents at Second Twist Fiber and then Natasha spins or felts it into yarn or felted art. 

bacon cooked.jpg

pastured pork

Our pigs receive a non-GMO, soy-free grain ration and as much forage as they will eat.  They are out on pasture in the summer and receive alfalfa during the winter.  Perfection takes time so we grow them out slowly, resulting in a deep red, well-marbled, full-flavored pork.  All smoked products are made using a "nitrate-free" process. 

beef in cooler.jpg

grass-fed beef

Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished. They thrive on our diverse pastures and finish in two years or less. Our beef isn't overly fatty or lean and has a decent amount of marbling, plus all the Omega-3s and CLA that come with an all-forage diet. The smaller breed also means smaller cuts that aren't overwhelming to eat or cook! 

lamb tikka.jpg

grass-fed lamb

This finely-textured lamb melts in your mouth and perfectly compliments all your Indian, Mediterranean, or rosemary- and garlic- filled recipes.  Our sheep never receive any grain and our lambs spend their lives on some of the lushest pasture available. If you have had bad experiences with lamb before, we hope we can change your mind!