Invasive Species

Boxelder bugs and Asian beetles have invaded my house.  Mostly in my bathroom, but they tend to migrate into other areas seeking heat or light. Or food.  Or just to annoy me. 

Now, I don’t mind the bugs in particular – even though the Asian beetles are truly a menace.  But, in my house – that is a problem.  I have tried to be patient.  Tried to seal up the little cracks here and there that they might be penetrating.  Grab as many as I can in old yogurt containers and take them outside.  Last night though, I flipped. 

There must have been a 1000 of them swarming around our light fixture.  I don’t know if the combination of temperatures and weather pushed them in, but it was astounding.  And they had to go.  NOW. 

Do you know that vacuum cleaners really work well at sucking up bugs? 

What was a huge moving mural of orange and black spots quickly turned back into a bluish wall.  My problem was gone!  Yay! 

After this debacle, I jumped online.  The USDA has a very informative website about all kinds of species, how to identify them, what can be done and what the government is doing to help.  Here is what they consider an Invasive Species to be: Invasive species are plants, animals, or pathogens that are non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and whose introduction causes or is likely to cause harm.  

Animals whose introduction causes harm to the ecosystem.

I am an invasive species.  We as humans are.

How much have we changed our ecosystem to fit OUR needs?  How many pollutants have we poured out into the air, water and soil?  Has our being here benefited the ecosystem in any way?

As I think more and more about the way we as humans do things, I realize that WE are the problem.  We need to change the way we operate, think and act towards our ecosystem.  We need to be a solution.  What will happen if we don’t? 

Will something bigger than us turn on the vacuum cleaner?