A Blog?

I’ll admit it:  I am not a huge lover of the Internet.  Yep, there is tons of information out there that is really cool, but you have to search around through tons of muck just to find it.  Usually I just try to pinpoint exactly what I need and then get the heck off.  This is largely the reason I have neglected to utilize the “blog” portion of our website.  Why would I change now you ask?  Firstly, I recently purchased a new computer (first one in 11 years!!) and getting online/editing is much easier.  Secondly, I am slowly realizing just how important communicating within the local food/environmental biome is. 

Working the local county Extension Agent on a “watershed quality improvement” task force, I have come in contact with many farmers, agency representatives and good people all wanting the same thing; a healthy environment.  If you managed to find this website, my guess is that you do also. 

In working with the task force, the foremost need that I have found is that of good communication.  Most all people do want what is best, but their ways of communicating it vary greatly.  Trying to create an open forum for the sharing of ideas and goals is paramount to accomplishing, in this case, cleaner water and a healthier surrounding environment.  But, it made me start thinking: isn’t that exactly what the Internet really is, an open forum for communication and the sharing of ideas? 

Perhaps it dates me a bit, but I remember when I started using the internet: it was not for searching u-tube, Wikipedia or direct banking.  It was for communicating.  Being able to email someone across the world instantly was an awesome thought.  Instant Messaging with your friends – holding multiple conversations at once without your parents finding you on the phone at 3am.  Chat rooms, personal web pages, forums for similar interests; those were my early experiences.  While communication is still there, so much additional information and options have transformed what was – in my opinion – (er, IMHO??) a more personal exchange to an all-explosive gamut of personal expression, knowledge (correct or otherwise) and consumption.   

Be that as it may, I still believe that personal communication is the most important part of being human.  Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to attempt to blog, focusing largely on our personal farm, the animals and our interactions with the environment.   Perhaps you will find some of what I post to be interesting, informative and helpful.  More likely; laughable, obscure and useless.  Either way, let us smile and tip our hats to each other for being human, for communicating.